1Present tenses with a future meaningQuestionВыберите предложение, в котором настоящее время Present Progressive или Present Simple имеет значение буд

1)Present tenses with a future meaningQuestion
Выберите предложение, в котором настоящее время (Present Progressive или Present Simple) имеет значение будущего времени.
She is drinking tea at the moment.
The show starts in two hours.
He hates doing his homework.

2) Prеsent Simple TеnsеQuestion  Заполните пропуски глаголами do, does, don’t, doesn’t.

Henry ….. speak any foreign languages.

3)  Past Simple and Present Simple TenseQuestion15Заполните пропуски глаголами does (doesn’t), do (don’t), did (didn’t).

I … like swimming. 
Ted is often ill. He … do any sport.
‘….. the lesson start in time yesterday?’ ‘Yes, it …. .’   

  • 1) The show starts in 2 hours.
    2) doesn’t
    3) I like swimming. (можно I do like swimming)
    Ted is often ill. He doesn’t do any sport.
    Did the lesson start in time yesterday? Yes, it did.