A Check questions NEW ZEALAND1Where is New Zealand located?2What is the national emblem of New Zealand?3What is the Maorio name of N. Z.?4What is the p

A) Check questions 
1)Where is New Zealand located?
2)What is the national emblem of New Zealand?
3)What is the Maorio name of N.Z.?
4)What is the population?
5)What is the main business of New Zealand ?
6)New Zealand is sometaims named  «the worlds biggest farm». What is it famous for?
7)What is the climate of N.Z.?
8)Where are the mountains situated in N.Z.?
9)What is the biggest island of New Zealand?
10)What does  N.Z. export?
11)Why is New Zealand popular with tourists?
12)What is the capital of the country?

  • New zealand is an island country located in the southwestern pacific ocean.the silver fern is a national emblem of new zealand.aotearoa that’s how maori call new zealand.population of new zealand is 4 millin people