Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.1when he came home he_ to readan interesting story about the animals.2Kate entered the c

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.
1)when he came home he____ (to read)an interesting story about the animals.

2)Kate entered the classroom when John____ (to stand) at the blackboard.

3)When his mother returned home he___ already (to do) his home exercises.

4)asel liked to listen to pop-music when she ___ (to be) younger.

5)she didn’t sleep when her brother____(to play) the piano.

6)when she came to his home she not___(to know)that he___(to leave)for Astana.

7)Aidar told us that he___(to invite) us to his birthday party in january.

8)My sister promised that she___(to finish) her work in two days.

9)He asked me if i ___ (to live) in paris 2 years before.

  • 1. he read
    2. when John was standing…
    3. he had already done….
    4. when she was younger.
    5. when her brother was playing…
    6. she didn’t know that he had left…
    7. he had invited..
    8. she would finish..
    9. if I had lived in…