Эссе по английскому на тему «стала ли технология такой большой частью твоей жизни?» 180-200 слов

Эссе по английскому на тему «стала ли технология такой большой частью твоей жизни?»  (180-200 слов) 

  • When I was a child it was quite cool to have an internet access at your home and people who had thiswere so arrogant and happy about this that everyone around knew they had the network. Now we use internet everywhere. It’s so cheap today that we can use it free of charge at cinemas, cafetarias and restaraunts.

    At this point I want to travel to the past for a while. Let’s go to the stone age. People of the age didn’t know how to use knifes so they used stones as tools. They used stones to process food,to process wood and for other things which known by them only. When they wanted to communicate they used their languageto build phrases and their mouth to pass the information. When it was something dangerous for people and they required to pass the information they used fire. People one by one fired their torches to «send» the S.O.S. message.When they were sad or felt blue they communicated to get some entertainment. Of course I think there were differentmethods to entertain but it was so long ago that no ones knows about it. That was the life of prehistoric peoples (тут имеется ввиду народов. peoples — народы, people — люди)

    Now let’s back to the present time. We have the same requirements as prehistoric people (тут я имел ввиду люди) did.But to satisfy these requierments we use… modern technologies! Want to eat? Just use metal or ceramik knife, thenput your food on the inductive ring and… that’s all! Do you want to chat someone? You do not need even to meet him now.E.g. I use my phone to send text messages. If I want to discover something I use internet, If I want someone to help meI use my phone and of course the radio waves are used by military people to send S.O.S. signal. Our life consists of eventsthat we fill with technologies. Even more. I think there are too few things in the life that are not covered wih the modern technologies so far.

    My conclusion is the fabric of our life is stitched up with modern technologies.