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Помогите срочно нужно!!!!!! Exercise 32.Put theПомогите срочно нужно!!!!!! 

                                                   Exercise 32.

Put the verbs into correct tenses.

1. He got to the station in time to catch the train. If he____(miss) it, he____(be) late for his interview.
2. It was a traffic jarn. It____(be) quicker if I _____(walk).
3. I hadn’t his address in New York. If I____(know) I_____(visit) him.
4. It was late at night. I_____(get) a taxi if I_____(have) money.
5. She didn’t like her holiday. If the weather_____(be) better she_____(enjoy) it more.
6. He was very hungry. If he_____(eat) his breakfast he______(not/feel) hungry.
7. The guests were unexpected. It____(be) better  if they_____(tell) about their visit.
8. I felt sick after the party. If I____(not/eat) so much my stomach____(not/ache).
9. I decided to stay at home last night. I_____(go) out if I_____(not/be) so tired.
10. The view was wonderful. If I_____(have) a camera I_____(take) some photos.

В каждом предложении 3-й тип.

  • missed it he would be
    2) would have been quicker if i had walked
    3) if i had known i would have visited
    4) i would got a taxi if i had money
    5) if the weather was better she would enjoy
    6) if he eaten his breakfast he wouldn’t feel hungry
    7) it would be better if they knew
    8) hadn’t eaten so much my stomach wouldnt have ached
    9) would go  out  if i would take
    10) if i had a camera i would take