. Исправьте ошибки.1 Did you went to shool?2 I realy like this filme.3 Cold! I’ll come back to home.4 These books are

Помогите пожалуйста…очень срочно((
Исправьте ошибки.
1) Did you went to shool?
2) I realy like this filme.
3) Cold! I’ll come back to home.
4) These books are our.
5) You shouldn’t to go to bad too late.
6) I going to read this magazine.
7) The boys stronger then the girls.
8) Have you already done your home task?
9) He didn’t can to swim when a child.
10) Many years ago I didn’t used to play sports.
11) I came to the cafe for to buy a cup of coffee.
12) Unfortunately, I haven’t much freands.
13) He shall do it later on.
14) It the largest store in our town.
15) I good at singing.
16) If you’ll go there I’ll go with you.

  • did you go to school?
    I really like this film
    It’s cold! I will home back to the house
    These books are ours
    You shouldnt go to bed
    I’m going to read these magazines
    they boys are stornger than girls
    Have you already done your homework
    He couldn’t swim when he was a child
    many years ago i wasn’t used to
    i came to the party to buy
    unfortunately, i dont have many friends
    he will do it later 
    it is the largest store
    i am good at singing
    if you go there i will go with you