К завтрашнему дню поставить слова в активный или пассивный залог пример 0Florida0 has to have a lot of wildlife. A lot ofanimals 1

Помогите пожалуйста к завтрашнему дню поставить слова в активный или пассивный залог пример 0
Florida(0) has (to have) a lot of wildlife. A lot of
animals (1) ______ (to find) in and around Florida. Some animals (2)______(to
protect).Special care (3)______( to take) of the manatee, bald eagle, sea
turtle, and porpoise. The manatee is a large se animal. it isn’t afraid of
people and often (4)_____( to play) with swimmers. Bald eagles (5) ____ ( to
like) the Florida
climate , but when people )6)______(to build) more houses , eagles (7)_____ (
to have) fewer places to build their homes. The Miami Audubon Society (8)_____
(to take ) care of eagles if they (9)____(to hurt).Sea turtles (10)____(to
have) a special place on Hutchinson
, where their
babies can grow. Babies (11)___(to protect) until they can swim out to sea.
Porpoises (12)____( to catch) into large fishing nets. These fishlike animals
(13)____(to find) in the wild, but they also (14)___(to do) tricks in shows
around the world. They (15)______(to use) in many projects. Porpoises are
playful animals, people can ride on their backs.


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