Краткое сочинение на тему «Как начинается мой день «Желательно использовать слова вот эти

Краткое сочинение на тему «Как начинается мой день «
Желательно использовать слова вот эти  

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    My classes begin at eight. So on weekdays I have to get up at six oclock. My alarm clock usuallly wakes me up and my working day begins. I turn on the radio,do my morning exercise,take a shower and brush my teeth. After to get dressed and comb I my hair. Then I have breakfast. I  love to listen to the latest news on the radio while am eating.
      I leave the house at ten minutes past seven. It takes me 30 minutes to get to the college by bus. Sometimes when the weather is fine and I have enough free time I walk to the college. 
      I have three or four classes a day. Usually I dont miss classes because I want to pass my examinations successfully. A s a rule I have no free time on weekdays. So by the end of the week I get very tired.
      I come home after classes. Usually at weekend I wolk with friends, listen to musical,watch TV. At about eleven oclock I go to bed. Sometimes I fall asleep while I am listen to musical.