Написать письмо деду морозу на англ. языке с переводом

Помогите написать письмо деду морозу на англ. языке с переводом СРОЧНО СРОЧНО

  • Dear Santa Claus:
    I am glad to see you come again this year on Christmas Eve. I want you to see all the children in the world and if you have a pump air rifle left please give it to me, and also give me a steam engine. But please do not forget the other poor little boys and girls. But what I would like best of all is a good rain coat of which keeps the cold and rain out and a pair of boots to go with it. I wear size 3 and I wear about size 12 in my rain coat. Send me either one of the two. Don’t forget the other poor children.
    Yours truly,
    Roy Lee Booth
    Bay City, Texas

  • Dear Santa!
    Please, if it will be not difficult for you, give me on New Year iPod touch. With love and respect,
    Your friend Maslov Ivan.