Напиши пжст сочинение на тему как я пользуюсь компьютером80 слна английском

напиши пжст сочинение на тему как я пользуюсь компьютером(80 сл)
на английском,очень срочно нужно.

    twit and instagram. I can’t imaging my life without computer and online access
    library. I browse the Internet, I read the latest news, I do my homework, I
    send and receive emails. I play online games and learn helpful software. I PM,

  • I use my computer daily at school, at home and at the
    It’s important not to get addicted to virtual reality and to spend time with
    research subjects of interest, I chat with friends on social networks and I
  • and it’s hard to believe how people managed without it only 20-25 years ago.