Напишите текст на английском языке про среды обитания Россиикто там живёт, проблемы и их решения:Boreal ForestsRiver and WetlandArcti

Напишите пожалуйста текст на английском языке про среды обитания России(кто там живёт, проблемы и их решения):
1.Boreal Forests
2.River and Wetland
3.Arctic Tundra

    of maritime borders (in the north and east) and 14,508 of land borders
    country is located in the arctic and subarctic climate zones, while the
    Volga in the European part of the country. There are about 2 million
    country in the world. It spans two continents (Europe and Asia) and
    borders Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic countries to the west,
    which is a closed basin.

    Due to its vast territory,
    over 10 kilometers long. The total length of these rivers is 2.3 million
    kilometers. The largest rivers are the Ob, Irtysh, Yenisey, Amur, and
    are washed by 12 seas of three ocean basins: the Atlantic Ocean (the
    Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega, and Lake Taimyr.

    The forest zone
    Barents Sea, the White Sea, the Kara Sea, the Laptev Sea, the East
    regions of the country is moderate.

    Russian time zones

    Russia is a country of natural contrasts. The northern part of the
    world): from UTC +1 in Kalinigrad to UTC +12 in Kamchatka.

    northernmost point of the country’s mainland is Cape Fligely on Rudolf
    Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan), as well the Caspian Sea,
    are eleven time zones in Russia (more than in any other country in the
    longest border in the world, a total of 60,932 km, including 38,808 km
    km), Lithuania (280.5 km), Poland (232 km), Latvia (217 km), Norway (196
    freshwater and salt lakes in Russia. The largest lakes are Lake Baikal
    (which holds about 20% of the world’s total freshwater supply, not
    km (from the Vistula Spit in Kaliningrad Bay to Cape Dezhnev in
    covers 41% of Russia’s plainlands; the share of the forest-steppe zone
    China to the south, and North Korea to the east. The United States and

  • With a total area of 17 million square kilometers, Russia is the largest
    Belarus (959 km), Georgia (723 km), Estonia (294 km), Azerbaijan (284
    distance between the western and the eastern borders of Russia is 9,000
    counting the fresh water frozen in the polar ice caps and glaciers),
    Chukotka); the easternmost point is Rotmanov Island in the Bering
    Japan are not far from the eastern coast of Russia.

    The extreme
    (in the south and west). Russia borders Kazakhstan (6,846 km), China
    Finland to the north, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and
    (3,645 km), Mongolia (3,485 km), Ukraine (1,576 km), Finland (1,340 km),
    km), and North Korea (19 km).

    Russia has about 120,000 rivers
    located in the Republic of Dagestan on the border with Azerbaijan. The
    is 11.2% and the tundra forest belt 20.5%.

    The coasts of Russia
    Strait. Thus, Russia’s territory spans over 4,000 km from north to
    south, and almost 10,000 km from west to east.

    Russia has the
    Island of Franz Josef Land archipelago; the southernmost point is
    Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov), the Arctic Ocean (the
    Siberian Sea and the Chukchee Sea) and the Pacific Ocean (the Bering
    southern regions have a subtropical climate. The climate of other