Напишите высказывание об интернете на английском, что интернет для меня значит.12-15 предложений

Напишите высказывание об интернете на английском,что интернет для меня значит.
12-15 предложений.

    artists, to read newspapers and books. Also I use Internet for education, it
    distance. I speak with my friends through the Internet; we discuss our plans
    helps me study and get knowledge. So I can`t imagine my life without Internet. Internet is very popular nowadays.

    to study different countries and cultures, to watch paintings of famous
    the best way to communicate with people at any time even if they are at a long
    and listen to music. For me, it is a good opportunity to visit new places virtually,

  • For me the Internet is a network of communication and information. It is