! описание кухни на английском около 10 предложений

ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Нужно описание кухни (на английском) около 10 предложений СРОЧНО

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  • My kitchen is light and pleasant. There is a gas-stove here to cook the meals or boil the kettle on. Here is a sink and a dish-washer to wash the dishes in after meals. There is a built -in refrigerator in my kitchen. We need a fridge to keep food cool or frozen in hot weather! That’s marvelous! There is a number of shelves and two kitchen cupboards for pans, frying-pans and kettles. One of the cupboards is good for plates and dishes, cups and saucers as well as for cutlery. There is very little furniture we need to buy as the kitchen has fitted units just a kitchen table and some stools or chairs nothing else.