Ответьте на вопросы. текст по английскому языкуCAN WE LIVE LONGER? Scientists say that in the future people will live longer. With healthier lifestyles

Ответьте на вопросы.
текст по английскому языку(CAN WE LIVE LONGER?)
Scientists say that in the future people will live longer. With healthier lifestyles and better medical care the average person will live to 90 or 100 instead of 70 and 75 like today. When the human genome is decoded, we’ll probably live up to 150. Incurable diseases will be cured and «bad» genes replaced. 
But that’s tomorrow. And today, we continue to stuff ourselves with fast food — chips and pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs. We are always in a hurry. 
We have no time to enjoy a home-cooked dinner with family and friends. We want to eat now and we want to eat fast. 
What is tasty is not always healthy. Doctors say that chips and pizzas are fattening, cola spoils our teeth and coffee shortens our lives. 
If we eat too much, we’ll become obese, and obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. But the world today is getting fatter and fatter. America is the world’s leader in obesity, but Europe is quickly catching up. 
Lack of exercise is another serious problem. We spend hours in front of our computers and TV-sets. Few of us do morning exercises. We walk less, because we prefer to use cars or public transport. 
Research shows, however, that young people who don’t take enough exercise often suffer from heart attacks. 
It’s common knowledge that smoking and drinking can shorten our lives dramatically. Cigarette-smoking, for example, kills about 3 million people every year. Many of them die from lung cancer. Some aren’t even smokers. They are people who live or work with heavy smokers. 
Yet many young people smoke and drink. Why? One answer is that tobacco and drinks companies invest enormous sums of money in advertising their products. For them cigarettes and alcoholic drinks mean money. For us they mean disease and even death. 
We all know that the healthier we are, the better we feel. The better we feel, the longer we live. So why not take care of ourselves? 

scientist [‘saiantist] ученый healthy [‘helSi] здоровый 
lifestyle [laifstail] образ жизни 
medical care [‘medikl ,kea] медицинское обслуживание 
average [‘aevarids] средний 
human [‘hju:man] человек; человеческий 
genome [‘d3i:naum] генетический код, геном 
to decode [,di:’kau<3] расшифровывать, декодировать 
incurable [in’kjuarabl] неизлечимый 
disease [di’zi:z] болезнь 
to cure [‘kjua] лечить, излечивать 
gene [‘d3i:n] ген 
to replace [ri’pleis] заменять 
to stuff [sUf] oneself with зд. набивать желудки 
pizza [‘pi:tsa] пицца 
hamburger [‘haembaiga] гамбургер 
fattening [‘faetnirj] способствующий ожирению, 
cola f’kaula] кола 
to spoil [spoil] портить 
obese [au’bi:s] тучный 
diabetes [,daia’bi:ti:z] диабет 
to catch up догонять 
lack [laek] нехватка 
to prefer [pri’fa:] предпочитать 
research [ri’saitj] исследование 
to suffer f’SAfa] страдать 
heart attack [‘ha:t a,taek] сердечный приступ 
it’s common knowledge [‘nolidj] общеизвестно 
dramatically [dra’maetikali] резко 
lung cancer [‘!AQ ,kaensa] рак легких 
heavy smoker заядлый курильщик 
tobacco [ta’baekau] табак; табачный 
to invest [invest] инвестировать, вкладывать 
enormous [i’no:mas] огромный 
to advertise [‘aedvataiz] рекламировать 
product [‘prodAkt] продукт, товар 
alcoholic [,aelka’holik] алкогольный 

1. Do you think people will live longer in the future? 
2. Do you believe that one day genetic engineers will be able to correct «gene» mistakes? 
3. Do you like fast food? Is it tasty? 
4. Why is fast food bad for us? 
5. What illnesses does obesity lead to? 
6. Are Europeans getting fatter? 
7. The USA is the world’s leader in obesity, isn’t it? 
8. Do you take regular exercise? 
9. How often do you go for a walk? 
10. Do you spend much time in front of your TV-set? 
11. Why is smoking dangerous? 
12. In some countries tobacco and alcohol advertising has been banned (to ban запрещать). Do you think it’s a good idea? 
13. Is passive smoking dangerous? 
14. Would you like to live a long life?

  • 1) If people improve their way of thinking their way of living will be improved as well, so when people realize that healthy food and exercises make them feel better — it’s going to lengthen people’s lives
    2) As time goes by, genetic engineers make more and more research so I think they will be able to correct gene mistakes very soon
    3) Fast food is tasty and that’s the problem because we can’t stop eating it, but I keep to a healthy diet so I feel much better than the others
    4) Fast food is the answer to plenty of factors like ‘why are people getting fatter’. Fast food means fat and fat means horrible appearance and heart diseases. So that’s why fast food is bad
    5) It leads to heart illnesses as I’ve already said
    6) Everyone eating fast food gets fatter as soon as they start eating it more
    7) USA is the world’a leader in obesity, because they have tons of fast food being produced there
    8) I spend hours at the gym to keep fit and not to be one of the people suffering heart attacks and strokes
    9) I walk for about half an hour to school and back each day and that’s pretty long so I think we can call it a walk
    10) I don’t have a TV set at home and I think I’m very lucky not to have it
    11) Smoking is dangerous because it’s another reason for heart attacks
    12) There are two sides of this problem, because banning of Tobacco might mean healthy lungs for the smokers and empty wallets for tobacco companies’ owners
    13) They say, passive smoking is even worse than just smoking, but I’m not sure. I don’t do it anyway so I’m not interested in it at all
    14) The world is beautiful and there are lots of things I have on my bucket list, so I do as much as possible to live a long and healthy life