Перевод сказки про белого кролика

перевод сказки про белого кролика

  • Fairytale about white rabbit

    With the family we celebrated the New year out into the street and suddenly saw a white rabbit.

    My dad and I tried to catch крольчишку, but could not do it. However, not very upset. Because we know that rabbits are very nimble animals.

    Then we went home and I went to bed.

    I started to fall asleep, he heard the noise. He had to get up, get dressed and go into the hall. And there I saw a little rabbit — the very, which we could not catch. Mom noticed that a pet rabbit paw is broken. She quickly перебинтовала where our room was overflowing different colors of a rainbow. And while we looked at the room, rabbit suddenly spoke in a human voice:

    — My name is Frank, » he said, » I am from forests Таенты, I was told that the New year — it’s fun, that’s why I come to your town.

    — And how do you yourself paw broke? his mother asked.

    — I ran across the street, and then some car moved me a paw. Whether you can take me to the forest?

    — Persuaded, » dad said, » now get dressed, take the car and going to take you to the forest.

    We got in the car and went to the forest, spent the rabbit to the mink.

    — Thank you very much for the treatment of my legs and a store of food for the whole winter, » said rabbit us goodbye.

    — Thank you very much for a wonderful New year, » we said in unison.

    And I woke up. And realized that this night we can dream the most wonderful and the most mysterious dreams.