По ответам составь вопросы! ! !1_— Yes, Dad is at home.2_— No, he is not w

По ответам составь вопросы! Срочно! ПЛИЗ!
— Yes, Dad is at home.
— No, he is not washing his car. He is reading.
— No, Mum is not cooking, she is writing.
— No, Susan is not playing the piano. She is washing the dishes.
— No, Bob and Alice are not watching television. They are playing volleyball.
— No, Polly and Will are not riding their bikes. They are feeding the hens.
— No, Lucy and Mary are not sleeping. They are meeting granny.
— No, I am not playing on the computer. I’m speaking to you.

  • 1- Is dad at home?
    2- Is dad washing his car?
    3- Is mum cooking?
    4- Is Susan playing the piano?
    5- Are Bob and Alice watching a television?
    6- Are Polly and Will riding their bikes?
    7- Are Lucy and Mary sleeping?
    8- Are you playing on the computer?