Подготовить рассказ о фаст фуде 5-7 предложений на английском

Подготовить рассказ о фаст фуде 
5-7 предложений на английском 

  • Fast food is very popular and saves time for busy working people.  Homever,many experts say that it is not completely healthy.  Nowadays many people are find of fast food. But others consider such products to be harmful for health. And I stick to the second point of view 
      So there is no doubles that fast food is a great invention of people. First and foremost it is very delicious. Fast food is famous for it’s wonderful baste. That’s why all these hamburgers free potato,cola,ice-cream and chicken ralls are so popular among children and teens. One ,are point for is the convemience of fast food. I saves your money and time. Excelent variant  for those case when you are in a hurry. This quality makes fast food very suitable for busy and hardworki/