Пожалуйся с тестами на грамматику .4 класс

Помогите пожалуйся с тестами на грамматику .4 класс.

  • Задание 1.
    1) She must eat the apple.
    2) Who gets up at 6 o’clock?
    3) Who is at the stadium?
    4) Who was in Moscow last April?
    5) Can I give the bread to those sheep?
    6) We have a new teacher. Our teacher is from London.
    7) Who goes to the park every day?
    8)Did he had five lessons yesterday?
    9) She has got a doll.
    10) we cleaned the windows yesterday.
    Задание 3
    1) She won’t be happy to see them.
    2) She wasn’t angry with me.
    3) She didn’t want to ask us the question.
    4) I am not lazy.
    5) I can’t give you the book.
    Задание 2 у тебя не видно совсем