Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Indefinite Passive. Bread to eat every day. The letter to receive yesterday. I to

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Indefinite Passive.

1.Bread (to eat) every day. 2.The letter (to receive) yesterday. 3.I (to ask) at the lesson yesterday. 4.I (to give) a very interesting book at the library last Friday. 5. Many houses (to build) in our town every year. 6.This work (to do) tomorrow. 7.This text (to translate) at the last lesson. 8.These trees (to plant) last autumn. 9.Many interesting games always (to play) at our PT lessons, 10.This bone (to give) to my dog tomorrow. 11. We (to invite) to a concert last Saturday. 12.My question (to answer) yesterday. 13.Носкеу (to play) in winter. 14. Mushrooms (to gather) in autumn. 15. Many houses (to burn) during the Great Fire of London. 16. His new book (to finish) next year. 17.Flowers (to sell) in shops and in the streets. 18.St.Petersburg (to found) in 1703.

  • Bread is eaten every day. The letter was received yesterday. I was asked at the lesson yesterday. I was given a very interesting book at the library last Friday. Many houses are built in our town every year. This work will be done tomorrow. This text was translated at the last lesson. These trees were planted last autumn. Many interesting games are always played at our PT lessons. This bone will be given to my dog tomorrow. We were invited to a concert last Sunday. My question was answered yesterday. Hockey is played in winter. Mushrooms are gathered in autumn. Many houses were burnt during the great fire of London. His new book will be finished next year. Flowers are sold in shops and in the streets. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703.
  • 1. Will you go to the library tomorrow? — No, I have already been to the library this week. I was there on Monday. As a rule, I go to the library every Wednesday. But yesterday I didn’t go there, because I hadn’t read the book. I am reading it now. I will go to the library on Saturday if I finish the book by that time.2. As soon as I receive a letter, I shall go to Moscow.3. Yesterday I put five apples into the vase. Where are they now? — I have eaten them.Will you  bring any more tomorrow?- Yes, if you don’t make noise when granny sleeps. (можно: is sleeping)4. Have you ever been to the Hermitage?5. What was Nick doing when you rang him up yesterday at 7? — He was playing the piano. He told  me that he had already written his composition.6.Why is she sleeping now? It is too early. She never sleeps at this time 2.Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в одном из времен: Present, Past, Future Indefinite Passive.
    1.Bread is eaten every day.
    2.The letter was  received yesterday.
    3.Nick was sent to Moscow next week.
    4.I was asked at the lesson yesterday.
    5.I ( to give) a very interesting book at the library last Friday.
    6.Many houses are built in our town every year.
    7.This work will be done tomorrow.
    8.This text was translated at the last lesson.
    9.These trees were planted last autumn.
    10.Many interesting games are played at our PT lessons.
    11.This bone will be given to my dog tomorrow.
    12. We were invited to a concert last Sunday.
    13.My question was answered yesterday.
    14.Hockey is played in winter.
    15.Mushrooms are gathered in autumn.
    16.Many houses were burned during the Great Fire of London.
    17.His new book will be finished next year.
    18.Flowers are sold in shops and in streets.
    19.St.Petersburg was founded in 1703.