Сделать 2 упражнения State the form of the g

помогите сделать 2 упражнения                                                                                                  State the form of the given infinitive :                                                                                                to be mentoined , to be shouting ,  to have been told , to be dancing , to have been travelling                                                                                                                                                                     2 упражнение                                                                                                               Supply all the missing forms of the following infinitive :                                                                  to be done , to have been talking , to have made  , to have been  spending , to be selling 

  • to
    have been travelling — Perfect Continuous                  
    be mentoined — Simple Passive, to be shouting — Continuous Active,  to have been told Perfect Passive, to be dancing —
    Continuous Active, to
                         to be done, to do, to be doing, to have been doing, to have been done, to have been doing — остальные точно так же