Сочинение как я спровляю новый год 100-120 слов

Нужно сочинение как я спровляю новый год 100-120 слов

  • That was New Year. Whereas before, when I was smaller , I was looking forward to this holiday , and now something is wrong already .
    In years past, when I was about ten years old, I believed in Santa Claus , gift waiting under the tree . I
    does not exist, then I do not already waiting for this holiday.
    Little always believe in magic , but not adults . I realized one thing : New Year for adults — it’s just a drink, and for many teenagers too. This is true . Walking down the street , and there are all drunk . So hunting again become small and believe in miracles .
    I used to remember that before the New Year could not sleep , I thought that maybe Santa
    See frost , but now do not believe it .
    When a person grows older , it is not a feast , because not that no longer believes .
    But still, I love this holiday. Here in our backyard fireworks allowed such good that the street is almost completely covered by them. I also enjoy the New Year that has a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree , which I really like.
    Our town was very beautifully decorated with colorful garlands and more. Also, everywhere there were Santa Claus , hired by snow , and it pleases the eye .
    But still , as I said already , I want to again become small and also wait for a gift under the tree, greatly enjoying it . I even envy those children who still believe in the existence of Santa Claus. So you want to go back .
    Correctly say that we should enjoy childhood , and then all the little kids want to be faster adults, and to

  • was interested in this New Year, and when I learned that Santa Claus