! Сочинение о Birmingham! На английском! Много не гдето на пол страницы или на страницу что нибудь о город

Сочинение о Birmingham! На английском!
Много не нужно гдето на пол страницы или на страницу что нибудь о городе, только на английском 

    nearby towns to get information about Birmingham , book a tour to
    length of the channels on the famous Venice and highway interchanges
    heart of the city. And this building is considered an architectural masterpiece of
    University of Birmingham, the equestrian statue of George I. It was brought from Dublin , where it was made in the early 18th century. Also interesting is the statue of Admiral Nelson , which was established before its London counterpart. Horatio Nelson stands on the market square , on a pedestal made ​​in the shape of a drum . And
    Birmingham is also in Warwick — one of the oldest castles in England . The main attraction of the city is built in the 19th century analogue of London Big Ben — Big Brum. This
    which can be viewed not only from within but also outside with a
    Birmingham city or nearest airport to him , to search for tickets for
    addition, Birmingham is interesting for its channels that exceed the
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    oldest sculptures preserved in Birmingham, is installed near the
    forty-five meter high tower with a clock pendulum which has four and a
    half meters in length, is located on an area of Chamberlain , in the
    English comedian who was a native of Birmingham and is considered the
    airport or train station in Birmingham , book flights to
    chocolate and the company store you can choose from the widest range of
    magnificent terracotta sculptures and other architectural delights .
    countries involved in major armed conflicts of the last century .
    complex system , which locals have nicknamed «spaghetti» . But what is really striking , so is the number of monuments and statues , set in the city. The
    his exhibition includes more than ten well-preserved steam locomotives ,
    of St. Martin in the Gothic style of the 13th century neo-Gothic
    chocolate factory and providing for her tour » Cadbury World .» During
    Victorian vessels pledged personally decorated by Queen Victoria and
    the survivors of the old buildings are particularly interesting church
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    one of the most popular museums of the city is located on a working
    glass , contains a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of all
    products and purchase a factory at prices well below retail . Tour is so popular that if you want to visit the factory worth thinking ahead . Another recommended place to visit is located near Birmingham Museum of Glass House . This museum with free entry in a modern building with fully glass facade. It can learn the history of glass and familiarize yourself with the manufacturer . In addition , the museum is always open an exhibition of works by the leading masters of glass.
    However, the most grandiose building considered Birmingham Hall of Memory. This building, built of white stone portladskogo and glazed colored

  • Birmingham — a city in central England , located on the Birmingham plateau. Birmingham is a major industrial center and a major transportation hub of the country. More than half of residents work at industrial enterprises located in Birmingham. Birmingham also is one of the most important educational centers with a technical bias .
    City, greatly damaged by bombing during World War II, was rebuilt , so it is characteristic of modern architecture . Among
    Cathedral of St. Chad’s Cathedral of the 18th century and the town hall .
    ancestor of the British concept of humor , Tony Hancock. Also, you should see the location in the middle of the famous Jewellery Quarter Clock Chamberlain. Green iron tower was cast and installed in 1903 , and the clocks were made ​​to watch factory in Soho.
    More Birmingham is famous for its theme museums. Of particular interest is the Birmingham Railway Museum , located in a former locomotive depot and workshop . In
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    the tour you can see the processes , the intricacies and traditions of
    in the center of the Old Town Square is a sculpture of the famous