Сочинение о glasgow на английскомglasgow крупнейший город Шотландии не много

сочинение о glasgow на английском
glasgow крупнейший город Шотландии 
 не много 

    crisis , the ensuing sharp decline in the population and the decline in
    in the middle of the VI century , Glasgow in the Middle Ages was one of
    the important religious and educational centers in Scotland. XVIII
    revitalization of the city .

    the end of the XX century , after the experiences of the 1920 — 1970
    implemented a number of programs aimed at cultural and economic
    century industrial revolution turned it into one of the largest
    that Glasgow in those days was considered the second city of the Empire (
    the largest city in Scotland and third most populous in the UK (after
    (born Glasgow [ɡlæzɡoʊ], Scotts . Glesga, Gaelic . Glaschu [kɫ̪as̪xu]) —
    London and Birmingham ) . Is the administrative center of Glasgow . Located in west central Scotland, on the Clyde River , 32 km from its mouth.
    living standards , the authorities of Glasgow has been successfully
    next century the flourishing economy of the city took such proportions
    industrial centers in the UK (especially in shipbuilding ), and in the
    after London ) . At

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