Составьте текстписем-подтверждений из следующих фраз:1we thank/ letter/ regarding/ new exportregulations2we are/ write/ acknowledge/ receipt/ yourlett

Составьте текст
писем-подтверждений из следующих фраз:

1)we thank/ letter/ regarding/ new export

2)we are/ write/ acknowledge/ receipt/ your
letter/ dated November 29 / enclosing/ copy/ draft contract/ delivery/ special

3)we/ grateful/ you/ confirm/ date/

4)…confirmation/ our/ fax/ transmit/
yesterday/ we/ confirm/ general manager/ our /company/ leave/ Ottawa/ 19th
June/ flight 352

5)We/ confirm/ telephone conversation/ this
letter/ send/ agenda/ next meeting/ share holders


  • We thank for the letter regarding new export regulations.
    and we confirm that general manager of our company had left Ottawa on 19th
    We are writing to acknowledge receipt of your letter
    and send the agenda of next meeting of Shareholders.

  • The confirmation was transmitted through our fax yesterday
    June by flight 352.

    dated November 29 with enclosing copy of the draft contract for delivery of special

    We would be grateful if you confirm the date of

    We confirm the telephone conversation by this letter