Страшные истории на английском языке

страшные истории на английском языке срочно

  • Fifteen years ago, James and his mom were having a normal car ride: Listening to the radio, heading to a restaurant… never expecting anything to go wrong. Out of nowhere, another car slammed into them!

    «Someone ran a red light and crashed our car! » James, who was 6-years-old at the time, recalls. Help was called, but no one knew if James would survive. «I remember waking up in ambulance machine,» James tells us.

    «I broke my neck, my back and my skull, and there was a severe possibility I’d be paralyzed. I was in a full body brace and that was the worst part. James kept his humor throughout his recovery, but it was a miracle the injuries didn’t permanently affect him! «
    «I was young, which means my body could heal quickly, » James tells. «Within a few weeks, i was back to going flips in martial arts. The doctors were like, ‘This is a little crazy! ‘» And while most kids would be too scared to hop in a car again, James was ready to put the accident behind him. «I don’t think I understood the severity of the situation at the time, but that’s a good thing, because i wasn’t afraid of doing anything physical, » James shares.

    «I still injure myself doing silly things or playing sports now and again, but luckily i haven’t had anything close to that since then. There’s no reason to be nervous over the past!»