This novel _ to write by Charles Dickens. Her shouting _ to hear be everyone. Probably the tea _ to sweeten before i put sugar into it

1. This novel ____ (to write) by Charles Dickens.
2. Her shouting ___ (to hear) be everyone.
3. Probably the tea ____ (to sweeten) before i put sugar into it.
4. America _____ (to discover) many centuries ago.
5. The window _____ (to break) before the children arrived.
6. The film ____ (to direct) by my favourite director.
7. The doctor ____ (to send) for.
8. Mary _____ (to invite) to the party but unfortunately she couldn’t come.
9. I noticed at once that the room ____ recently (to tidy)
10. Small feet ____ (to hear) running in the hall.

  • если в пассивный,то так:
    This novel was written by ….
    Her shouting was heard be everyone

    Probably the tea was sweetened…….
    America was discovered…..
    The window was broken….
    The film was directed …
    The doctor was sent ….
    Mary was invited …..
    I noticed at once that the room was recently tidied
    Small feet was heard…..