Use. see a funny puppy. jump up and land on my lap. lick with a warm wet tongue. … take thepuppy into the house. be happy to see the puppy. make a nic

usesee a funny puppyjump up and land on my lap. lick with a warm wet tongue. … take thepuppy into the house. be happy to see the puppy. make a nice warm bed. give the puppy some dinner. find his mother and ask if she’ll let him stay.

  • One day after classes while I was going home I saw a funny puppy which was very hungry. I came closer to him, then sat down on my knees, and suddenly the puppy jumped up and landed on my lap. He started to lick me with a warm wet tongue, and I laughted. It was getting cold and I decided to take the puppy into my house. My new friend seemed to be grateful. I was sure that my parents would be happy to see such a wonderful puppy. First I fed him and then made a nice warm bed in my room. The puppy fell asleep at once. It looked like he was very tired. And I hoped that my mother would let him stay with us.