! Выбери и запиши нужный глагол. summer, mountains, he, last, Was, the, in_last, the, in, month, park, Was, h

Автор: | 11.02.2020

Выбери и запиши нужный глагол. 
summer, mountains,he, last, Was, the, in

last, the, in, month, park, Was, he?

in great britan Were last they year?

you in Were Moscow ago a week?

  • 1 The last summer he was in mountains.
    2 he was in park the last month.
  • 1) Last summer he was in the mountains.
    2) В этом я не очень уверенна Was he last mounth in the park?
    3) В этом тоже не очень уверенна Were they in the great britan last year?
    4) Were you in a Moscow week ago.