, What’s your opinion on the following statement by Newton Minnow, a remarkable person in the US media industry?»W

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What’s your opinion on the following statement by Newton Minnow, a remarkable person in the US media industry?
«When television is good, nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse.
Make comments, use arguments and give examples. Write 120-140 words.

  • Television today is considered to be one of the most important and the most respected form of transmitting information. Its easy accessibility means that it has the largest audience of all forms of media and therefore the greatest impact. However, this powerful tool can be used for good and bad.

    Firstly, the main aim of television is to entertain people. For most viewers, television is an escape from reality in a fantasyland of sitcoms and game shows. Through television people can fulfil their desires as well as witness a vast amount of experiences they would not have the opportunity to go through in real 
    life. In addition to this, television can take viewers across time and space to explore the world and life without actually travelling; it can be a window on the world.

    Secondly, television is an excellent educational instrument, it can teach lessons in different subjects from Geography to Mathematics. Schools often use television as a way of educating students because on TV, they can demonstrate many things that cannot be done in the classroom. 

    On the other hand, violence on television affects children negatively. Studies at the University of Illinois found that children who watched many hours of television violence when they were at elementary school tended to show a higher level of aggressive behaviour when they became teenagers. By observing these youngsters until they were thirty years old, researchers found that the ones who had watched a lot of TV when they were eight years old were more likely to be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts as adults.

    Moreover, people strive to be as beautiful and intelligent as their favourite TV characters. This is, of course, impossible as their lives are false. Therefore, the unsatisfied desire to achieve this perfect “TV” life often leaves viewers feeling disappointed and with low self-esteem. 

    In conclusion, television can have both beneficial and harmful effects. It can be used to educate and allow people to see a world they might never have a chance to see in reality, but at the same time, it shows a mall, distorted view of reality, which can damage people’s view of the real world, and this can influence 
    how people think and behave.