, заранее . Вопрос Choose the correct answer. Can I take your pen? I left my pen at home. a Sure. b No, you can’t. c Yes

Помогите пожалуйста, заранее спасибо.

Вопрос 1. Choose the correct answer.
1. Can I take your pen? I left my pen at home.
a) Sure. b) No, you can’t. c) Yes, you must.
2. Must I show you my homework?
a) No, you needn’t. b) No, you can’t. c) No, you mustn’t.
3. Can she carry this heavy baggage? 
a) No, she mustn’t. b) No, she can’t.  c) Yes, she must.
4. Can they exchange currency at the currency exchange office?
a) No, they needn’t. b) No, they mustn’t.  c) Yes, they can.
5. Must I stop and wait for the green light?
a) No, you needn’t. b) Yes, you must.  c) Yes, you can.
Вопрос 2. 1) Read the text and do the tasks after it.
Today Tom has an
adventure. He has a blue shirt, new blue trousers and white trainers on.
He goes out to the garden. There are three little hedgehogs in the garden.
They listen to the music of Tom’s CD player and dance under the lamp!
Tom pushes his red-and-yellow ball to the hedgehogs. The hedgehogs push
the ball back. They play football with Tom!

What is there in the garden? What do
they do in the garden? What colour is the ball?  Can
the hedgehogs play football? 
the boy’s clothes.

  • 1. а
    2. с
    3. b
    4. c
    5. b
    6. There are three little hedgehogs in the garden.
    They listened to music.
    8. It was red-and-yellow.
    9. No, they can’t.
    10. нарисуешь сама надеюсь :З (синяя футболка, синие штаны и белые кроссовки)