Мне !1He’s very angry. hate/keep waiting/2It’s private parking. parking/not allow3This is very serious. something/ need do/ i

Автор: | 31.12.2020

Помогите мне пожалуйста!!!!!!!!
1)He’s very angry.(hate/keep waiting)/2)It’s private parking. (parking/not allow)3)This is very serious. (something/ need do/ immediately)4)Please go now. (I want/Leave alone)5)Have you heard the news? (Mayor/shoot)6)Stella didn’t go to the party. (she/ not/ invite)7)Can I help you, sir? (No, thanks/ I/ serve)8)He hasn’t received the parcel. (it may/ send/ wrong address)9)They pulled down the old factory. (cinema comlex/ build/ next May)

  • Я применю свои телепатические способности, и попробую изобрести текст задания. Если неверно, прощу прощения – я ведь не волшебник, а только учусь.

    1) He’s very angry. He hates to be kept waiting.
    2) It’s private parking. Parking is not allowed.
    3) This is very serious. There’s something that needs to be done immediately.
    4) Please go now. I want to be left alone.
    5) Have you heard the news? The Mayor was shot.
    6) Stella didn’t go to the party. She was not invited.
    7) Can I help you, sir? — No, thanks, I am being served.
    8) He hasn’t received the parcel. It may have sent to wrong address.
    9) They pulled down the old factory. The cinema comlex will be built next May.