Написать 20 предложений present simple и 20 предложений present continuous заранее

Автор: | 30.12.2020

Помогите написать 20 предложений present simple и 20 предложений present continuous срочно надо заранее спасибо 

  • Present simple
    Where do you work?
    Present continuosWhere are you working?
    Present perfectWhere have you worked?
    Present perfect continuousWhere have you been working?

    Present Continuous
    1.Is Paul working today? 
    2.What are the children doing? 
    3.Are you listening to me? 
    4.Where are your friends going? 
    5.Are your parents watching television? 
    6.What is Ann cooking? 
    7.Why are you looking at me? 
    8.Is the bus cooming?