Ответить на вопросы

Автор: | 01.01.2021

помогите ответить на вопросы ПОЖАЛУЙСТА

  • 1. I eat fish, meat, birdsm, animals and plants.
    2. Bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese and rise make me strong and give me energy.
    3. Meat, fish and milk help me to grow.
    4. Vegetables, eggs, cornflakes make my bones and teeth strong.
    5. I 
    must eat vegetables and fruit because they have got a lot of vitamins.
    6. Vitamins very important for my eyes, skin, bones, hair and for other parts of my body.
    7. I eat right food. 
    8. I like to eat fruits, fish and meat. I don’t like sandwiches and cheese.
    9. Meat and vegetables are good for me.
    10. Sandwiches are bad for me.